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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.


Hi. My name is Brendan Hegarty and I am a senior at Milton this year. I am currently taking Mr. Emmott’s class on the History of the Middle East, and I will be accompanying all of these wonderful people to Jordan in the Spring. I have never been to Jordan or the Middle East and I cannot wait for the opportunity to meet so many amazing people doing so many different things in the country. I think that I am one part of a great group this year and I hope to get to know everyone better over the time we spend together in Jordan. Outside of class I love to play hockey, soccer, and ultimate disc, and I work on The Milton Paper. I love to eat, and if this trip lives up to Mr. Emmott hype, I am sure I will not be disappointed by the food in Jordan. I love learning new languages (although they do not always love me back), and I cannot wait to engross myself in culture and music far from what I am used to.  In Mr. Emmott’s class, Zac and I have been talking online with a Palestinian refugee living in Jordan, and I cannot wait for the chance to see all of the things she has been talking about. I keep saying it, but I am extremely excited for this opportunity, and I don’t think there is a better group I could be spending this time with. Now I have to get to packing!