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Photo by Kate Gross-Whitaker

Mid-Course Excursion

Dear friends, family, instructors and curious others,

For those of you who have been keeping track, then I’m sure your aware that it has been approximately four and a half months since our little group entered China. As such, this weekend we shall embark on our mid-course excursion. In order to provide peace of mind and a little peek into Bridge Year China’s next two or so weeks, I am writing here on behalf of this month’s leadership team to keep you all informed, so prepare for an information download. On the morning of the 18th, we shall be venturing to Dali, a location chosen after an appropriate amount of deliberation by the group. We will be traveling in style, via bullet train and should reach our destination around 11:30 the same day. We will be spending the 18th, 19th, and 20th in Dali. On the evening of the 20th we will take a bus to Lijiang. The next morning, we will voluntarily be going on a two-day hike to see Tiger Leaping Gorge. We will return to our guesthouse in Lijiang for the night of the 22nd and then on the 23rd, we will begin rural homestays in a Naxi village just outside Lijiang. This is also where we shall be spending and celebrating the Chinese New Year. On Saturday, February 1st we will be taking an overnight train back to Kunming from Lijiang. From thence we shall rest for two days before returning to our regularly scheduled programs. We here in China would like to thank everybody who is reading this for their continued concern and good wishes. As we are halfway through the program, we are looking forward to taking this opportunity to reflect on our progress thus far and then, hopefully, to party in a manner that is befitting of responsible young adults. Best wishes and see you in four and a half months.


Svetlana Johnson

January’s legislative branch