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Temple ruins in Amman, Jordan Summer Program.

Self intro

Hi! My name is Zac and I’m from Quincy, Ma. I am a senior and a day student at Milton Academy.

My favorite class at Milton is history (specifically Mr. Emmott’s Middle East history class!) and one of my passions is current events. At Milton, I am the co-head of Amnesty International and co-head of Students Interested in Middle Eastern affairs. I also am captain of the squash team and play the cello in the school orchestra.

My family is originally Egyptian, so I am no stranger to the Middle East. I am proficient in Arabic but not fluent. All of my Arabic is self-taught and I learned it in Middle School by watching movies and listening to music with my online Arabic dictionary always at hand! I love the Levantinian dialect of Arabic and I can’t wait to practice it some more in Jordan! I went on the trip last year, and it was by far my favorite trip to the Middle East I’ve ever done. I go to the Middle East every year to visit family, and on last year’s trip to Jordan, I realized how amazing this program is because in all my years of traveling to the Middle East I had never experienced anything similar to what we did in Jordan. That is why I so desperately want to go back again!  Also, my all time favorite dessert is Knafeh, so I will definitely be having a lot of it in Jordan!