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Photo by Caleb Brooks

The Monsoon Palace

On Saturday, the cohort adventured to Udaipur’s famous Monsoon Palace, built in honor the king of the region Maharana Sajjan Singh. Situated at the top of a hilltop overlooking Udaipur, we hiked about an hour and a half up, relaying stories from home and about life, cracking jokes along the way. Normally, any hike uphill for over an hour would seem at the very least enervating, but by the time we reached the top, I did not feel tired nor did I feel that an entire hour had gone by. Through the company of close friends, I realized most things could be endured.

After hearing the exciting history of the palace in popular media, from scenes of the James Bond film Octopussy to the Cheetah Girls, we explored the small palace, taking in the scenery and trying to identify our various hang out spots from up above. Finishing off the visit, we had the opportunity to eat at Anna’s homestay brother’s restaurant.