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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

A Warm Hello From Peru

Buenos dias amigxs!

We (your Instructor team) have gathered in the Sacred Valley and are in the midst of our pre-course orientation. Our days are filled with preparations, laughter and excitement for these months to come. As we prepare, we are cherishing our surroundings. The mountains are misty, the rivers are full and the colors are so vibrant. Today we all smiled as we witnessed a beautiful double rainbow arching over the mountains of the valley.

We are so happy to finally be here together in Peru, and we are feeling very excited to greet you all into the valley in only a few more days!

As always please reach out to us for any last minute questions, we are here for you. And you still have time to post an intro-yak bio, so don’t hesitate!

Hasta pronto


– Cat, Paola y Zack