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Photo by Ryan Kost, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Getting Settled in Urubambas

¡Hola familias!

We are almost halfway through our homestay in Urubamba, and are getting settled into a new routine. On a typical day, we eat three meals with our host families, have Spanish class in the mornings or afternoons, and either have a history or culture class or work on our independent study project, or ISPs. Our ISPs are an opportunity to learn from and build relationships with locals, and include soccer, cooking, Capoeira, and ceramics. My ISP is Permaculture, where Christina and I are learning about the agricultural practices, economic philosophy, and spirituality of the Quechuan people. Learning the practices that people have been using for centuries is a beautiful experience, and we get to laugh, eat tons of fresh fruit, and climb trees in the process.

“In my ISP, we cooked one dish called cuasa vellena con pollo. It was moi delicioso!” said Joe.

For many, the most impactful part of our time in Urubamba has been our homestays. The group is constantly amazed by the hospitality and genorossity or Peruvian people, and although some of us have experienced difficulty communicatings with our host families, we have loved spending time with our families.

“I went to the soccer field last night to watch my host brother play, and my host mom is the nicest,” said Ryan.s

“I really like living with my host family and getting to use the Spanish we learn in class,” said Zoe.

Meanwhile, Karim´s favorite part of living with his host family is “jamming out to thes best music in the morning.”

We will be back with more updates soon but, in the meantime, ¡Adios!