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Going into our second week in Patan


The past week has been full of exciting happenings and events! After our short trek we spent the night in an area called Boudhanath. It is near the Boudha Stupa, a religious heritage site surrounded by mostly Sherpa and Tibetan communities. We walked around the stupa and did “kora”(walking three circles around the stupa is auspicious). The next morning we grabbed our bags and headed to Patan!

Students came to the program house for the first time and started to get to know the area. Later that evening our lovely home-stay families came to pick up their students. The next morning the students had many laughable moments to share about some of the the things they were experiencing. Throughout this week the students have become family members in their homes. They have become more comfortable with navigating the neighborhood, eaten lots of home cooked dal-bhaat, explored the surrounding areas and started their ISP’s!

A typical day consists of breakfast (made by students), language class, a lesson, lunch and an ISP in the afternoon. During our time in Patan each student will have an ISP (independent student project). Most days students will go and study a skill under a mentor. Some of the things our students are studying are musical instruments, religious painting, jewelry making, yoga, tailoring, metal working and dance!

This past weekend a group of students planned our Sunday excursion. We started the day seeing the Patan museum/square and ended the day seeing a production of the Vagina monologues (“The Vagina Monologues are a collection of stories, interviews and life experiences of people identifying as women of all ages, across all walks of life. Stories we resonate with, and some that we don’t, but those that must be heard.”).

Today-the students had the chance to “get lost” in the city. We brought them to a bus park and sent them off in groups on different buses. Their directions were to ride the bus for about 20 minutes, get off, identify where they were, call us-tell us where they were, and find there way back to the program house for lunch. Everyday  they are getting the chance to explore more of the city in a new way!

To another week of adventures and exploring,

Team Nepal