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Here We Go!

Nine days ago we arrived in Nepal! We arrived in the dark, so Kathmandu Valley maintained its mystery until the next morning. Early the following morning I peaked outside; it was barely day break. The light revealed some close by buildings. The vibrant red and yellow colored buildings were the first thing I noticed. Their organic stacking structure reminded me of the lego block towers I use to build with my siblings. The fog was pretty thick, so most of the city still remained hidden from view. But there were lots of sounds – birds, dogs, motor bike horns – that were beginning glimpse of life in Bhaktapur City.

Now, over a week in, we’ve hiked all around Kathmandu Valley. On day two of the trek someone asked if the place we were staying would have warm showers. Nick responded by saying that the name of the guest house was Chisapani, which is Nepali for “cold water”. We laughed. Turns out I took the warmest shower (maybe of all time). Goes to show that titles can be deceiving. Likewise, on trek we quickly came to learn that Nepali flat really means steep inclines…