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Our first week has been quite a whirlwind of events including 12+ hour plane rides, awkward small talk, the petting of many dogs (all of which have been vaccinated and cleared to pet by the instructors, obviously), frustrating games of ERS, and long and painful hikes. But if anything has stuck out to me the most it would have to be Piyush. Now, understandably, many of you don’t know what Piyush is… By the definition on the bottle Piyush claims to be a 0.5% chlorine solution for water disinfection. The instructions on the back of the bottle explicitly state to put 3 drops of Piyush in 1L of “unclean” water, wait 30 minutes, and drink! But to our close-nit group of 16 (instructors included, of course) Piyush has become far more than a means of staying healthy and hydrated. To us, Piyush has become a saying. A way of life. We scream its holy name during our long hikes to notify each other when a car/ motorcycle is coming up behind us on the path. We use it to say good morning to one another. We shout it into the void at random times and upon hearing ‘Piyush’ in return we know that we are not alone. I will forever be grateful to Piyush not only for ensuring that my water is safe to drink but also for creating such a special and unbreakable bound between the 16 of us!