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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Planes, trains and automobiles (Yak #1)

Today is the first day In Indonesia! Sour whole group came together in Jakarta, got to know each other a little, and then after much-needed showers, we went out to eat noodles and rice in a small street food stall (warung).  Thanks to Ines (who may have overreacted, according to Vasco), we had a glimpse of just how spicy the food can be.  She ate a big green chili, if that gives you an idea.  So far, everyone we’ve met has been incredibly kind and patient with our foreign-ness, and we’re still getting used to everyone staring at us.  Right now, we’re on the train to Semarang, where we will grab a bus to Dieng for orientation.

This morning Yasmine and I were the last ones down to breakfast, as our alarms did not go off (still figuring out how to set the digital watches).

Outside our train window, everything is lush and green.  The cars are colorful, the roofs are bright, the sky is a soft baby blue after a grey rainy day yesterday, and the streets are always bustling with noise, and things to do, smell, and see.

So far, we know (at most) five words in Indonesian.

  1. Terima Kasih: thank you
  2. Tidak: no
  3. Kuching Kecil: small cat
  4. Salamat pagi: good morning
  5. Satu: 1, dua: 2 tiga: 3 empat: 4 lima: 5

Sampai jumpa! (till we meet again)