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rushed yak

I’m drawing a spiral on my page, trying to think of what to write. Nepal overwhelms me; simultaneously shattering my image of the country and piecing together a new one. My parents have told me stories of Nepal as it was in the late nineteen-eighties, and I often times find myself comparing their stories to what I see every day. I know that we shared the same awe in the few seconds after first seeing the Himalayas. I know that we shared the same shock in seeing the impoverished state of many of the Nepali people. I know that we must’ve understood the holiness of each Hindu and Buddhist temple, yet I am sure that the country and the people have changed in ways unrecognizable to visitors from the past. I have much to learn still.

I like eating Daal Bhat, especially at restaurants in remote mountain villages! Everyone is starting to get sick, so I am preparing myself. I love both the nature, culture, and people of Nepal.