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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Salam from Dieng!

After a 6 hour train ride and a 5 hour bus ride, we finally made it to Dieng! It’s been a busy week of orientation filled with lots of games and exploring. The first day the Call to Prayer was pretty jarring at 4:30am. When you’re not asleep it is really nice to listen to.

We went to Arjuna, a temple Dieng. We were shocked at how you could actually walk inside and touch the temples, something you can’t do in most places. We had our first Indonesian lesson where we learned basic greetings and conversation starters. We’re all starting to feel more confident with the language.

Our second day we went to another temple called Candi Dwarawati where we did some bonding activities even though it was cloudy we (Taylor & Abby) and Oli still managed to get a mild sunburn. Later we split into groups and explored the village. We ended up playing games and staying up late chatting with everyone in the group which was really fun.

Today we hiked to a viewpoint over Talaga Warna (colour lake) where we played games and met some local school children. Oli and Vasco started kicking the bola around with them. Later on in the night we attempted a sunset hike but really only saw the fog rolling in which was still pretty cool.

We’re so excited for Jogja and to meet our first Homestay families!