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Hello All!

We just came from a three day trek and landed in Patan, where our homestay and ISP’s will be located. We are having a ton of fun and we’re super excited to transition to this section of the course. As a joke, Sully and I decided (with the help of others) to write a rap about what would happen if we all got sick. Hope you enjoy!


It’s a contagion situation

Everybody’s bodies be achin’

I can’t even be fakin’…I’m fine


Delaney, I peeped a flex

All I’m saying is you might be next


Don’t worry, I’m fine

I be washing my hands all the time


But Delaney, It might be in the meals

That would really put you in your feels

Because you never know when you’ll eat

Some tainted chicken meat


But Sully I gotta take that risk

I love a good Nepali dish

*Side note–Jacob likes to fish


But Delaney I gotta say

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I love some yummy Dal Bhat

Especially when its from that hot pot