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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Sunday Excursion

The past few days have been packed with talks, Nepali language classes, discussions, tours, ISPs, and time spent exploring and hanging out with our homestay families in Panauti.

On Saturday morning, an Ayurvedic Doctor visited and gave a talk on traditional South Asian healing and wellness.

Yesterday morning, we visited the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Students were challenged in teams with a scavenger hunt, as a chance to practice Nepali language and have fun getting a little lost together.

We then went out to Khali Kutta / Three Trees Permaculture Farm, where Dragons Instructor Farmer Dave Smith gave a detailed farm tour and led a “trash talk” discussion on environmental sustainabity. Students were very engaged, especially as they had been saving their trash for 5 days to get a very direct idea of what waste they produce. Dave’s homemade DIY blackwater bioprocessor / biogas digester (see photo) and graywater reedbed filtration systems certainly sparked a lot of thought and inspiration!

This morning we enjoyed learning the choreography of a beautiful old Nepali folk song, continued Nepali classes and ISPs (Independent Study Projects).

For ISP, students are learning and practicing Nepali Cooking, Wood Carving, Clay Pottery, and Yoga / Philosophy.

More photos soon!