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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.


Hello Worried Parents (Julie and Alex, I’m still alive and well)!

It’s been a busy, action-packed week in Peru! We are still stationed in Sacred Valley, which is a beautiful canyon inside the state of Cusco. On Monday night the group listened to Miguel Inti and his brother Juan Carlos, two indigenous members of the Incan Tribe who were born in Nación Q’eros, a very remote set of Incan communities located at the base of glaciers. The group learned about tradition, culture, and Miguel Inti walked us through Incan customs/rituals. This experience was a reminder of the unique opportunities we are exposed to on this Dragons experience; encounters such as this evening are inaccesible elsewhere in the world.

Tuesday was a day spent primarily on base at Casita Huran. We learned about our FOI (focus of inquiry) for the trip, our roles as global citizens, communuication, and feedback. One aspect of WTB that my trip mates and I have found meaningful is that the program and instructors are invested in our development as people and how that relates to our ability to travel, to explore, and to learn in unfamiliar enviroments. We also went out to lunch in Calca at a scrumptious vegetarían restaurant. The veggie burgers were unforgettable, and my mouth is watering thinking about them.

Today (Wednesday) we went on our first hike which was exciting and grueling. The hike was supposed to take us just over 2 hours, but our ¨Gringo pace¨ turned it into a 4.5 hour expedition. The view of the landscape made the time well worthwhile, and it was a good warmup for our five day trek in the Yungas in Bolivia next week. However, I was absolutely gassed after today, so I just want my parents to know I may not make it out of the Yungas. This may be my last Yak entry. It was a great ride.

Trip has been great! Group morale is high, and we are all psyched for the Bolivia experience which begins tomorrow night with a bus ride to La Paz.

All the best,