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A Week’s Reflection

Hi All!

We are finishing up or second week in Patan, and since that is halfway through our urban home stay, I thought I’d give a quick update on our time here.

We’ve started to fall into the routine of living in Patan and our days are truly flowing. We eat breakfast at the Program House, have a Nepali language class, then get some structured “?” time. Some “?” activities have been; getting lost in the city, going on a walking tour of Patan, talking about x-phase, and playing futsol! After, we have lunch together, then go out into the city. We’ve been logging some good hours with our ISP mentors, exploring the city, buying out every ring store in the Kathmandu Valley, and eating plenty of Mo:Mo’s. My ISP is “Yoga and Philosophy.” Rupesh, my mentor, leads discussions about happiness and big meaning-of-life things, then we do some killer ab yoga. After ISPs, we sometimes have free time in the city. One of my favorite things to do is sit in Patan Durbar Square and people watch, or bird watch, or read, or drink tea. We head back to our home stay families for dinner. My family eats Daal Baht together, then my sister and I listen to music together, or the whole family watches Nepal Idol together. I go to bed at a nice 9pm–for all the new information and whole living-in-a-new-city thing is quite tiresome! I wouldn’t have it any other way though, even if it means missing the end of Nepal Idol.