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Biiig Chillin’ Nepalmaa

Three weeks into the urban homestay, I find myself growing more and more attached to Patan and my lifestyle out here. The dogs no longer sniff me and bark at me as an outsider, and the cultural customs are slowly taking their place as second nature (which is wild to experience). I not only have grown closer to my homestay family, but I have also developed friendships with two or three local shop owners whose shops I seem to frequent (all very cool). My family here practices Newari Buddhism, and I have been fortunate to be here at a time abundant with important celebrations and ceremonies. My little brother here recently reached the auspicious age of 6 years, 5 months, and 4 days, and graduated to monkship through his family’s monastery. I have been able to participate in many important religious ceremonies, including the ceremony for my little brother and his cohort’s monkship. In this ceremony, 5 men are allowed to be present from each family – I was lucky enough to be the 5th from my family, and was also invited to serve food at a traditional Newari dinner – All of these experiences have made my time in Nepal thus far mad fun and I have developed such an appreciation for the people and culture of Nepal. Big Chilling Nepalmaa