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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Giant Dragons, Tiny “Men” and a Bad Farmers Tan

Coming from a small island in the middle of the Caribbean, a day on a boat in the sun snorkelling may not sound as special to me. There were a few things that made this experience unique to me: the landscape, the heat, the people, the giant dragons that could eat us at any moment…

The landscape: looking around on the boat ride I was amazed at the lush, green mountains surrounding us. In Cayman we don’t have any sort of mountain so it was so stunning seeing this type of landscape.

The heat: I applied SPF 50 before leaving and even reapplied (which my mom knows I never do) and still managed to get an awesome farmers burn with a watch tan line (photo attached). Thank you to whoever invented aloe vera.

The people: We have only been together for just over a month and I have truly made such great friends. Being with everyone yesterday on the boat, listening to music on the roof, we were all just happy together.

The Komodos: Unique islands. Tiny hobbit men (Homo floresiensis). Giant blood-thirsty monsters. A perfect holiday destination. Picture this, a Cayman green iguana times 20 chewing on a juicy water buffalo stopping every now and then to whip around its giant forked tongue and hiss. We also saw a butterfly! But for real, it was so amazing to see these unique reptiles that you can only find in one tiny area of Indonesia.