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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Group in Jakarta

Hi everyone!

Our Indonesia team has arrived safely to Jakarta. The group are heading to a hotel close to the airport for a hot shower and final dinner. Each of the students will be given their devices back when they get to the hotel (if they have one), so you’ll likely hear directly from your loved one when you wake up.

Everyone is well and in good spirits. Tomorrow the group flight departs at 8.25 AM and the team are planning to be at the airport very early to ensure a smooth check in.

A new update: Colin is going to accompany the student on the group flight to LA, and will be staying in the same hotel as the four students who will make connecting flights on the 20th (so they won’t be alone).

We all have our fingers crossed for a safe and uninterrupted journey home!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and patience. Everyone has been super lovely and understanding and I have appreciated all of my calls and email interactions with all parents and grandparents at home. You are all amazing humans!

Your kids and loved ones will be home in no time!

With gratitude,