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Heading to Mid-course from Patan

Namaste everyone,

Our time in Patan has been an amazing learning experience for students. Over the past four weeks, students were able to learn different ISPs and delve into lifestyle of people in Patan. Our students were able to learn diverse arts like metal carving, Nepali musical instruments, Paubha painting, Yoga and tailoring. We feel delighted to see students’ engagement with their ISP mentors and home stay families. We are also grateful to have these communities who allow us into their homes and lifestyle and provide our students with authentic local experience.

From here we are heading to our mid-course in Dhulikhel. Mid-course is a middle point of our time in Nepal time where we will  debrief our time in Patan and set intentions for the second half of our trip. We will be spending 3 days here and transition to Buddhist retreat in Namo Buddha.

With Gratitude,

Alena, Tsheten and Nick