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This past Monday was the Hindu festival of Holi, the festival of colors. This exciting day celebrates both the victory of good over evil and also the arrival of warmer weather at the end of the winter season. While many people celebrate Holi by playing with color powders and water, we observed a water-free Holi due to water supply issues in Patan and to maintain a higher standard of hygiene. The attached photos show a few moments from our celebration at the Program House.

All these colors being thrown at us represent the challenges of going through a diverse spectrum of new experiences here, and all the colors come together to create a beautiful masterpiece, just as we have come together and created this new, beautiful community. As we approach the end of our time in Patan and begin to look forward to our upcoming new destinations, we will take all of this color with us to paint an even greater canvas of wonderful experiences together elsewhere in Nepal and beyond!