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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Mysteries and legends

This yak post is dedicated to those unnamed guides, those mysterious angels who pop up when we least expect, at times when we most need them who guide us on our journey, giving it more meaning and purpose.

The three angeys (grandma in Dzongkha) in the attached photo, appeared what seemed like out of no where and guided us through our trip through Tharpaling monastery. At one of the holiest sights, they stopped and sang a beautiful song dedicated to Guru Rinpoche. According to local legends, the sight is believed to have been the exact spot where Guru Rinpoche meditated, and a million Dakinis ( angels) flew down from heaven to listen to his teaching. As a gesture of gratitude, the Dakinis sang for him. And so, it is believed that if you keep the image of Guru Rinpoche meditating in your mind and sing a song, it brings luck and wards of obstacles.

As we stood their imagining Guru meditating whilst listening to the three Angeys sing, I knew in my heart, that these three wonderful ladies helped us get a greater appreciation and understanding of this place and it’s legends.

These unnamed guides and mysterious angels make it almost impossible for us to not believe in the legends and stories of Dakinis and deities, for we seem to experience it ourselves in the most unexpected ways.