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Andean priest and spiritual leader, Don Fabian Champi Apaza. Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Tawa Tawas All The Way!!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Cooking Squad TM (M.E, Maisie, Robert, Isaac, and Marco) travel to Valentina’s house by trufi to cook with our cooking ISP instructor Gabby. It’s so fun to talk on our way there about whatever is on our mind – usually our trips on trufi from and to Valentina’s house are filled with jokes and plentiful laughter. As we enter Valentina’s beautiful house, we are greeted by Miel, the most adorable and playful golden retriever any of us have met. Sabina, a cute little black kitten who likes to climb our legs while we cook has also joined our squad recently.

Originally planning to do the Football ISP, we are so glad that we chose cooking instead. The amount of memories, full stomachs, cambio rounds, and epic cooking fails (crying while cutting onions was a classic one) made the past month unforgettable.

We made dishes like Pique Macho (Hot Dogs, Meat, Fries), Coca Cake, Tawa-Tawas, Fried Cookie Dough, and many many more dishes. We are currently going through withdrawal symptoms for our all-time favourite, and now Group- B famous, Tawa-Tawas. Cooking has been extremely relaxing, and in many ways therapeutic to calm our minds and bond with eachother as a group. We all adore and love our cooking instructor Gaby!!! <3 <3 (she is the best!!!)

Homestays have also been another extremely unforgetable experience here. Especially the late-night soccer matches, on one of the many Canchas scattered throughout Tiquipaya. Robert’s host brother organized a few matches where other dragons students have also played. Marco’s host brother, as he discovered in the second week, is actually a professional futsal goal-keeper for a team in Cochabamba and got to watch one of his games.

Apart from Football, yesterday we just said bye to our host- families which was a very sad occasion. Undeniably, our host families have grown on us so much and we will all miss them very much.

Overall, we are feeling so so happy and grateful to be here!!!

Marco and Robert