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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

The Art of Silver

Before this trip I never thought that I would be able make my own jewellery. The idea of being able to make something amazing out of nothing never crossed my mind. I am so impressed at everyone in the silver ISP for being able to make such incredible jewellery in a matter of an hour or two. It is not all because of our amazing silversmithing talents though, we have to thank our amazing teacher, Agus. On the first day of ISP I chose a pretty difficult ring to make which involved a lot of filing. I would file for what felt like ages and then show him and he would just look at it and say “much more!!” and I would get frustrated but it turned out to become a joke of the group and now anytime anyone is filing and they ask Agus if it is good he tells them to ask me and I say “much more!!”. Some people in the group have a natural talent for making silver, like Woodsie, I think Agus even said that Woodsie can take over his silver business when he retires! We are all having a great time and it’s been so fun to learn!