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The Time is Flying By!

Dear friends and family,

It’s been another exciting week here in Patan! Everyone is continuing with their homestays and Independent Study Projects, along with our weekday group meetings. Some highlights from the past week include a student-led excursion to Godavari Botanical Garden with a lovely picnic, beginning to plan our upcoming student-directed Expedition Phase (more on that later…), a group game of futsal (indoor soccer), and watching the much-loved Bollywood film “Three Idiots.”

Another very special recent happening was the Samyak Mahadan festival, in which many communities in Patan come together to publicly display and take their local Buddhist deity sculptures, some of which are many centuries old, on parade, and raise money for their communities while providing others a chance to gain merit by donating and receiving blessings. This festival only occurs once every four or five years, so we were very lucky to be here while it happened.

Enjoy the attached photos that show a few moments from Samyak Mahadan. Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned for more Yaks soon!