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Hello :)

Hey! My name is Kate and I’m so stoked to be joining you all this fall. I’m 19, from Los Angeles, and I’m (theoretically) supposed to be a sophomore at Brown University. I’m currently concentrating in the History of Art and Architecture, but that’s really open to change at any point in the next couple of years. I love the outdoors– many of my fondest memories are anchored to the wild spaces I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in. As an inhabit of hot, dry Southern California, I find myself thinking and worrying about water all the time. When I moved to the east coast for school, I was surprised to see such a huge difference in the region’s relationship to water/their usage habits. I’m really looking forward to learning about things I can do to help lessen my community’s impact on our natural resources.

Some other things about me: I am a painter, I play guitar and I’m obsessed with music (the Grateful Dead consumes a large portion of my waking hours), skiing, and any ocean-related activities.

Really excited to meet you all 🙂