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Voting While on Course

Dear Students and Families, 

Many of you are probably asking if it’s possible to vote in this year’s election cycle, and if so, how to go about doing so while on-course. In many areas of the world where we work voter enfranchisement is a right denied to many citizens. This knowledge can present a stark realization for students who have taken certain “rights” for granted. Often times these small epiphanies on-course catalyze those US students to action. This Fall students will have the ability to influence the direction and leadership of their nation, and their own lives, through the democratic process.
Many Dragons semester students will be seeking to vote for the first time in their lives this November and we want to ensure that everyone has the ability to cast their vote and exert agency. It’s a thrilling moment, one of great responsibility, and we wish to honor that right for all students.
In order to help you navigate the absentee and mail in voting process, we have compiled some websites below that outline some important information about voting in this year’s election cycle. It’s important to note that every state has different laws governing absentee ballots. Just over half of all US states allow mail in ballots without excuse, while around twenty others require an excuse. A few are mail-in only. Please refer to the following links and carefully read the instructions as you prepare to cast a ballot in your area.

It is important you do not have the ballot mailed directly to the address below. Please receive your ballot at your registered mailing address and have a family member in turn send the ballot to the address below. Students will be able to pick up the ballot in person on October 21st. Please ensure your ballot arrives at this location close to this date to ensure enough time for students to fill it out and return it in time to be counted. 

Freshies of NM
PO Box 461
Velarde, NM 87582

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

Dave Haffeman

[email protected]