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A Few Pre-Course Tasks


1.) Please introduce yourself here on our Yak Board. Our Yak Board is like a group journal. Throughout the course each of us will be posting regular reflections, photos and updates for our friends and families back home. Then in the days, months, years following this course you all can look back on the Yak Board to reminisce on your shared experience. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to post in your introduction yak you can take a look at the Colorado River Basin Program’s Yak Board which started its course on September 1st.

2.) This is your course. We want you to truly own your experience/learning and that starts today. You’ve seen the itinerary, now start to familiarize yourself with the places we’ll be going. In our orientation in Fraser we will present the itinerary in more detail and it will be your responsibility to present a 3-5 minute overview of the course area that you are assigned. You can talk about the history, geology, wildlife, interesting things to do in that area, etc. We want to give a fair amount of artistic liberty with your presentation but one important thing you each need to research is who did this land that you’re researching originally belong to? Is/was it Arapaho land? Or Navajo? Or Apache, Kiowa, etc. When did they lose that land? How?

  • Fraser/Winter Park: Lorelei
  • Ward, Jamestown, & Gold Hill: Mary
  • Boulder: Anna
  • La Garita Mountain Range: Will
  • Buena Vista: Mae
  • Mission Wolf & Westcliffe: Isabella
  • South Fork: David
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park: Ethan
  • Del Norte & Alamosa: Cam
  • Wild Rivers & Questa: Mateo
  • Taos & Velarde: Charlotte
  • El Paso: Rachel

3.) We’re going to be cooking around 95% of our own meals on this course. We’ll have a standard camp kitchen set up for our more front country times (i.e. Mission Wolf and Freshies Farm) and a more basic camping stove set up for our treks. We will not have access to ovens, slow cookers or other novelty cooking gear. So with that in mind we want you to come to orientation with 2 full dinners planned out (with vegetarian/gluten free/lactose free variations possible). You don’t need to have the portion sizes worked out yet, just the recipe idea. When it comes time to cook your meal you’ll be head chef running the show but know that we’ll be there to support you. The ingredients should be reasonably priced and easy to find locally, so sorry but no caviar and truffles.

One of your instructors will be reaching out to you via phone and email over the next 10 days to answer any questions you may have, but also feel free to post your questions here on the Yak Board and we’ll respond ASAP. Read up on the places we’ll be going and the themes we’ll be covering. This is your course, so own it! 🙂

We’re excited to meet you all in just a few short weeks!

-Your Instructor Team