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An Update from Boulder!

Anna: Hiya!

Writing you from sunny Boulder Colorado where we have been starting our prep for our upcoming trek and collecting some last minute stuff. This upcoming days will be full of speakers, in person and over zoom, as well as exploring downtown Boulder (in a Covid-19 safe way).

Lorelei: We are trying our very hardest to upload photos but it has become a little difficult since the photos are not uploading. So many apologies but we will try to work it out especially since they are beautiful photographs you all deserve to see. Boulder is such a delicious place. We are across from the Justin’s headquarters which I did not know even existed. It’s those peanut butter cups that are really good. I was unaware they had a headquarters but I’m feeling blessed to be near it. Also today I put peanut butter and cotija cheese on a yellow pepper and It was so good I sat in the basement eating it. I  gave it to Mae and Mateo and David and Cam and they did not enjoy that combination as much as I did. So tragic. Now I am sipping a cold brew latte at 9 pm. Love to you all.