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And They’re Off!

Dear Friends and Family,

After a few days of waiting out the storm in Boulder, the skies have cleared and the forecast looks beautiful. The mountains are coated in a fresh layer of late summer snow highlighting the first touches of fall color on the aspen trees. The group is in high spirits to get the next leg of their journey underway!

Today the group hiked a few short miles through National Forest land where they will camp tonight outside the boundaries of Rocky Mountain National Park. Tomorrow they cross over into the park and are back on track with their planned itinerary. They will emerge on the other side of the continental divide at the headwaters of the Colorado River on September 21st.

Instructors will be sending me short updates via their satellite devices over the next 10 days but in general communication will be kept concise.  We’ll keep you posted periodically on how the trek is going.


Dave Haffeman