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Boulder time and trekking updates

Dear Family and Friends,

The group is now making their way by foot through the La Garita Wilderness area, near the headwaters of the Rio Grande.  We have been receiving satellite phone updates from the instructors as they make their way over mountain passes and to different campsites each night. So far the trek is going as planned with no weather or other disruptions to their scheduled hiking route. The group will exit the wilderness on the 27th and be back in more regular service from the 27-30th as they enjoy some well deserved post trek rest days in the Buena Vista area.

The group’s time in Boulder was chock full with guest lecturers and activities to introduce more of the core course themes. They explored the theme of migration through meetings with the Executive Director of Intercambio and a visit to ICE detention near Denver via Casa de Paz, an immigration rights advocacy organization. Through these exchanges, the group was able to see migrant stories through a lens of strength, resilience, and skill offerings rather than the all too common negative narratives that can pervade politics and the media. In addition to immigration, the Rio Grande crew met with a female leader and activist from the Arapahoe Nation who provided more context to the history of the land and how indigenous communities have been displaced and impacted by colonization. Apart from the in-depth thematic exploration, the group also had time to safely explore Boulder and share meals together as a “family pod” now that we have received COVID negative test results for the entire group (YAAAYY!).

We’ll look forward to more updates from the group after their trek!