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Food awareness

This first week in Boulder has put me face to face with something I am constantly separated from, my food. I came on this trip enthusiastic to learn more and familiar with how water has impacted my life through recreation, but fundamentally disconnected with where my food comes from and the complicated ways it is grown. The experience that opened my mind to the impact and power of food was visiting and helping to harvest on Sunbeam farm. On this small farm, just outside of downtown, I was connected with my food in a new way, visualizing in my hand what I had learned long ago, how in just a few months, it grew from a small seed to a thriving pepper. Then with that food, we dehydrated enough to have vegetables for the entire group throughout our expeditions. We have still only learned small pieces of the larger food puzzle, but as of now I am starting to question more about my food and its journey. Seeing all the food we packed for the road ahead, I can’t help but imagine all the places the flour and granola came before the scoop in my hand. To the food and water ahead.

– Bailey