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Hello from Ethan

Hey everyone,

My name is Ethan. As the days to course draw closer, I’m getting more and more excited and anxious to meet you all! With this date looming comes a wave of anxious thoughts for me: what will the group be like? Will my gear be good enough? What if people don’t like me? Am I going to have enough to eat? Aaand so on and so forth. Just know you’re not alone.

I think we’re going to have an incredible, heart opening time filled with lots of learning and plenty of shenanigans. A little bit about me: I live in Boulder, CO and LOVE anything outdoors, whether that be slacklining, summiting peaks or swimming in some cold alpine water:) This summer I’ve gotten really into climbing and mountain biking, and have been trying to get out as much as possible. I’ve had a bit of experience in the outdoors, so I’m excited to be here as additional support for those of you who may be less comfortable in outdoor spaces. As for the course themes, I’ve become more interested in the intersectionality of social and environmental justice, and I’m thrilled to learn more about all the things that go along with this. With the increased polarization of our political climate, I’d love to have some discussions about ways to be more productive and not further the divide.

In addition to my excitement for learning, I’m also really excited to get to know you all on a deeper level. While vulnerability can be a very challenging practice, I know we can create a supportive and loving group dynamic that allows each of us to share our unique gifts without fear.

Two questions:

  1. How would y’all fee about a group book? I think it could be nice to read something all together and discuss it, I have a good book in mind. Let me know how that sounds.
  2. How would y’all feel about giving each other trail names? I saw a mountain goat today and the idea popped into my head:)

Love to you all,