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Our first hike

Prior to the snow that rolled in on Tuesday, we were gifted the opportunity of our first hike large hike in the Boulder area. We awoke with the sun and began our hike from NCAR at 7:30. For the first couple of hours, we walked along Mesa trail towards Bear Peak. The hike started off fairly tame, a gift that allowed us to gain our hiking legs, and became more intense as we approached the summit. The summit was unlike any other that most of us had ever seen. Instead of an open flat area, the summit was a large cluster of rocks that allowed us the experience of touching the highest point on the mountain. We also took the time at the summit to discuss the tradition of leaving an offering at the top of a mountain as a point of reflection for what we take whilst hiking and similarly what we give. On the journey down into Gregory Canyon, we were able to move faster and push our pace. On both the way up and down Bear Peak, we great conversations about the environment and our impact upon it, conservation, and politics. When we finished our hike around 5pm, there was no doubt that it was a success. It was abeautiful day that undoubted foreshadowed a great trip!