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We went on a hike

Hi everyone. Anna and I (Lorelei) are in charge of the Yak board this week, so we’re gonna lay down some facts for you guys. We’re staying at this insane house in Fraser. We’ve been eating some scrumptious food like the bacon that Lorelei nicely sizzled up. The elevation is a little rough right now but we’re getting through it. There are cows next to this house and we’ve also seen three foxes and a moose 🙂 We went on our first hike today!!!!!!! It was in the Arapaho national park, and the trail was Indian Pass. We head back to Boulder tomorrow to pick up some more gear and hear some guest speakers. I’m gonna attach some photos now and then eat pizza. Thank you for your kind generosity in reading this post. If you are our friends or family we love you and miss you but the stars are really cool here.