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Charlotte & Sage’s super fun wolf time adventure comes to an end

Hey everyone! Sage and Charlotte here. We just concluded our stay here at Mission:Wolf. It’s been an incredible 10 days filled with lots of fencing and landscape work, immigration and political discussions, movie nights and sunset hacky sack sessions. Although we’re sad to leave, most of us are feeling ready to change locations again, despite the beauty of our camp site here at MW. The people at Mission:Wolf have been so gracious in hosting us, teaching us and letting us interact face to face with the wolves. The past few days have been full of many varieties of activities, including a 24 solo, fixing a large section of fence, and chopping firewood so the staff here are warm throughout the winter. The solo was a unique and challenging experience for everyone; some of us had done them before, and for others, this was their first time. Despite everyone’s differing solo experiences, we can all agree it was a reflective and restorative experience. Charlotte and I collaborated on some questions regarding our time here at MW. Here are a few of the groups responses:


What was your favorite memory from Mission:Wolf?

Cam: “Being French kisses by the Ambassador wolves.”

Mare: “Learning to play hacky sack with Kent, the founder of Mission:Wolf.”

Mateo: “Howling with the wolves at sunset.”


What’s a new skill you acquired at Mission:Wolf?

Char and Isa: “Learning to use the hydraulic wood splitter.”

Lorelei: “Learning to fix a chain link fence.”

David: “Actively correcting my posture to convey confidence to the wolves to avoid making them anxious.”

Who’s your favorite wolf and why?

Anna: “Iliamna, because of her beauty.”

Rachel: “Batman, because his half pitbull, half wolf genes make him cute and unique.”

Cam: “Zeab because he and I had the most intimate and memorable greeting.”


What was a memorable moment from your solo?

Mae: “When I woke up and saw a cow eating grass one foot away from me.”

Sage: “meditation and reflection while listening to the aspens rustling in the wind.”

Mare: “Falling asleep under a large pine tree, and waking up to find dozens of nuthatches.” (nuthatches are a type of small tree dwelling bird)


Sage and Charlotte signing off! Our next Yak authors will talk to y’all soon, hope all is well!