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Desert Hack


We’ve been chasing the sun the last few days. The winter winds clip close at our heels and bites at my fingertips every morning when I sit to thaw by the fire. It’s a blessing when the sun peaks over the soft heads of the Sangre de Cristo mountains to illuminate the shifting dunes that never sleep, and our own frosted tents.

The sand is ever present behind our eyelids and in our hair where sleep can no longer compete. I’ve been gathering freckles like Colorado stars every evening when I check in the mirror, as most of us have. I’ve long stopped counting the aspens, the mule-deer, the sterling jays, and the greedy little ground squirrels that dash into our bags when our backs are turned (and when our backs are not). The days are getting easier, flying by like the miles in the van window.

Granted, I’ve gotten to the point where I only measure the days in games of hackysack. It’s funny how much it’s changed my perspective through spacial awareness and the soft ability to see through my peripherals. I’d never played before, and if you haven’t either then you’ll find that it’s not just a new game, it’s like having a new body. After four days of practicing, practicing, playing, and more practicing, I finally got the hang of it. What I finally leaned was how to let my body take over instead of my eyes and mind. My reaction time and ability to hit the sack back became faster and more controlled when I quit thinking about it and just let my instincts do the work. It’s a difficult concept to embody but it’s widely applicable. I’d go on, but Cam has the hackysack and I’m not about to say no.

Much love,