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Hello from Lorelei and Rachel!

Hello from Lorelei and Rachel; we are enemies. We are currently at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. This is our third day of our practice X-phase, where the students take initiative to plan and execute this section of our program. It’s 1pm and we are enjoying graham crackers and lemon with sugar as we watch everyone organize the van. How fun! Yesterday we went sand boarding, which was a big day for Rachel because she usually doesn’t sled. We slid down together and inadvertently consumed a large quantity of sand. Lorelei spit the sand out on Rachel (don’t worry Susan and Joseph, I did not slap her). Rachel gave a lesson on undocumented immigrants and immigration policy. It was very informative. Charlotte and Anna did a lesson about the ecology and the history of the indigenous people from this area. Rachel learned a scary lesson about Africanized Honeybees and scorpions and quickly left to close her tent. We had a campfire and a bonding ceremony in which we went around and gave gratitude to the group and individuals. Rachel gave gratitude to Lorelei but she did not give it back. How sad. Later today we have a lesson by our instructor Maddie called ” This Land is NOT Your Land” and then a lesson about constellations by Mare and Mae. We’re so excited. We want to say hi to our families. Love and miss y’all. Enjoy these amazing photos of us on the dunes.

Peace out from the best of buds,

L + R!