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How to find water in the desert

How to find water in the desert

To find water in the desert,

Surrender yourself and run,

Braids swinging at your back.

Surrender to the cool damp air,

To the willows brushing between your legs,

To the tamarisk tangled in your hair.

Let your knees sink into the wet clay

And pray.

Pray for grief,

Pray for forgiveness from the land and

Pray that rocks may scrape your shins as you scramble and

Pray that you may dream

Of glistening potholes and trickling springs,

Sacred and sweet.


Then climb canyon walls,

Letting red sand slip beneath you.

Pause to imagine yourself a purple aster,

A fragile blessing amidst thick snake grass,

But continue onwards and upwards,

Rising up and down the sandstone dunes

In gentle faith.