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The Group has Finished the Grand Gulch Trek!

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m happy to report the group is safely back in service after finishing their big wilderness expedition floating down the San Juan River and then hiking up Grand Gulch. They have just arrived in the small town of Bluff, Utah where they will settle in to debrief the course and get ready for the next part of their journey to Arizona.

The group will also be welcoming the newest member of the instructor team, Emily Katz. Over the past few weeks Emily has been working to finalize the remaining itinerary while the group has been out of service. She will be traveling with the group until their departure from Phoenix on the 10th. Emily brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm from her years as an outdoor educator in the Southwest. We’re thrilled to have Emily share join us!

Now that the group has an intimate understanding of the geography of Cedar Mesa and Bears Ears National Monument they will meet with members of the organization, Friends of Cedar Mesa, to gain a deeper understanding of why this area has been central to the public lands debate. They will also have time to hear from a contributor of Patagonia’s newest film, Public Trust. Later they will learn about traditional foods from a member of the Navajo Nation. In a few days they will head to Page, AZ and the site of the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. They will round out the course by heading to Yuma, AZ to learn about migrant labor issues and the complex relationships with water in the Lower Colorado River Basin States.

Stay tuned for more stories from their travels!