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yurt go hard: a story of resilience

Hello outside world! It’s about time I did one of these.

A few days ago we were snowed into a yurt on an educational permaculture farm. Is that not the most niche thing you have ever heard? I personally was not expecting to wake up at five in the morning to put logs in the wood stove in order to keep us alive in -6 degree weather.

I wasn’t worried about the snow, the cold, the copious amounts of chicken soup (ew), or even the two hour shifts we took to keep the fire going. I was worried about the lack of corners in this yurt. When you put 14 people in a large compartment and say “have fun! You can’t leave or you die!” Things get kinda weird. We filled the yurt with stray wet socks, peanut butter jars, and left over chicken soup (ew). I’m not going to lie, I went a wee bit cuckoo bonkers. I’m a full blown introvert and the lack of personal space made two days feel like two weeks. I went so far as to sit in the cold port-a-potty just because it had four walls.

I also had a lot of fun. We had a dope jam session with our hosts and this old man named Dave who telepathically knew that I play the cello. We had the fiddle going, mandolin, full drum kit, bongos, and a few guitars. It was amazing. I attempted to make some coffee cake with a frozen egg and no butter; it did not work. I found some creative ways to feed myself despite the atrocious amount of meat everyone else was consuming.

In the end being snowed in was kind of nice! I have some stories that will last me a lifetime and that made the discomfort totally worth it. also hi mom love u.