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First Day at Freshie’s

Hello from Freshie’s Farm! This morning I woke up to the crisp smell of a cold sun rise. It felt like a dream when I unzipped my frosty tent in the middle of the orchard. Our host, Chris and Taylor Bassett and their two kids Luna and Beau, have so graciously allowed us to camp amongst their beautiful crops. They have just finished their harvest, however we are lucky to find a few stray apples here and there as a snack. Not only are we surrounded by the lively energy of the trees, we have access to the greenhouse, the centerpiece to the main orchard. We cleaned it out, harvested some rogue cucumbers, and set up our kitchen! We put a tent over our stove and food in order to not feel like we are getting cooked ourselves. Having a tent in a greenhouse felt a tad contradictory but I like to see it as innovation.


In addition to waking up to the beautiful atmosphere, I had a bit of an upset stomach. This was a result of all the halloween candy we ate last night. Sorry mom! But don’t worry we have plenty of vegetables here. Yesterday, David, Maddie and I all made a homemade salsa with organic tomatoes, peppers, and chilis. So yummy.


Today, we walked down the road to the indoor orchard; focused on cleaning up the remnants of newly harvested hemp, the newest addition to the Freshie’s Farm Plan. On our way over there, we were able to see the hemp drying process and we were in absolute aw. It was truly satisfying seeing the bed linings, drainage system and straggler cantaloupes all be gone. I went to eat the last of my candy, but suffered an unfortunate series of events when I sat straight down on a burr bush. Char helped me detach the spikes and Anna gave me her extra pair of shorts, thank god! I came back to camp and soaked the attacked “area” while the rest of the group went on a hike up to the Mesa. Not going to lie, a bath, shower, and my own music has been great self care. On the queue for this week: hemp processing, green house cleaning, and corn seeding.


PS: Here are some great films and tv shows that we have been watching throughout the course. I think it would be a great idea to watch some of these so when we return, you can discuss with your kids. It could be a great segway to further conversations.

  1. Immigration Nation (Netflix)
  2. Okja (Netflix)
  3. Parasite (Hulu)
  4. Captain Fantastic (This one is my favorite, Mom and Dad you are required to watch.)
  5. The Biggest Little Farm
  6. Harvest of Empire
  7. What’s Wrong With Volunteer Travel, Ted Talk, Daniella Papi