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Last Round of Thoughts

While I’m sad that this course is nearing its end, I could have never learned so much about the systems of water, food, and land management in this country in only 10 weeks. I have developed a critical lens with which I now see the many ways we neglect natural resources in this country and the lack of connection many of us have to the land which we inhabit. I see the connection between low income families being unable to afford organic groceries and the lack of small, local, sustainable agriculture. I see the struggle of eliminating destructive practices, such as coal mining and logging, from our economy because of how the local economies crumble and leave people behind as a result. While I feel for the Earth, I too feel for the people who depend on extractive practices. I also see how our consumption of water and energy is a massive anomaly on a global scale. It cannot persist, but it doesn’t have to. If every other country in this world can do better than us on conserving water and managing our energy consumption, I have no doubt in my mind that we can do better. We will do better. I know this because I have spent the last 10 weeks with people who share this goal of conserving our resources and protecting our planet for generations to come. I can sleep easy because we, and people who share our values, have change on our minds and a passionate, fighting spirit in our hearts.