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Selected Drawings From This Semester

I love painting and drawing— it’s how I synthesize a lot of my experiences and reflect on lessons learned. These are a small selection of some of the pieces I’ve made along this wonderful journey, each tied to a special place and usually many special people.

First is Redemption. It’s based on a  conversation I had with Gabe Crawford, a wild seed tender who we spent a few days with. It seems to me that so much of this country is deprived of certain truths… especially the idea that we and the land we live upon are one system, one beautiful entity. Does the type of citizen who doesn’t care much about the soil or the food they consume, who is focused on profit and efficiency, do they have the ability within themselves to re-enter their bodies with an ethical consciousness? Are we so lost, the ties to land so thin and dwindled that it’s too late for some? The merger of these two bodies, American citizen/consumer and spirit of this earth, would have to include the recognition of generations of harm and trauma.

Seeds of Compassion was also inspired by our time planting with Gabe. Not much to say about this piece besides SEEDS ROCK and are a key to a more ethical and diverse society/food system.

The next drawing is of my dear friend Penelope, sitting along the Colorado River. Her figure is is at once cradled and consumed by canyons.. a depiction of how I felt so safe and assured between their walls. The canyons were hard to capture, they still are, and staring at them for a long period of time made them ever more wondrous to me.

The last piece I’ll include is called The Riverbed Between Us. It was done during our two night-solo in Dripping Canyon. I felt so in tune to that place, and sitting for hours drawing this image allowed for a really pleasant and consuming meditative feeling of oneness. Who the figures are…? Well I think I’ll leave that up to you.