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Greetings from Your Instructor Kate

Greetings and hellos to all,

My name is Kate Abraham and I am filled with joy to share that I will be an instructor on your upcoming semester with Where There Be Dragons.

Your semester in the southwest is right around the corner! Can you believe it?! I certainly need to pinch myself at times to help me realize that this is not just a dream, but also a reality! As you continue to prepare for your upcoming semester, I imagine there are many images that drift about your thoughts. Images of paddling canoes through gorgeous waterways, building with earthen materials, backpacking through desert and mountain landscapes, road tripping through vast desert lands, floating along red-walled canyons. Images of laughing with new friends, learning from passionate experts, journaling, reading, growing. Yet there are many adventures that await us that you and I can’t yet imagine! The unknowns are what will tie our experiences together. As we think about all these experiences, and all the different material things to pack in our bags in order to best prepare for those experiences (keep checking the Yak board for packing tips and thoughts!), we are also packing our metaphorical bags, preparing ourselves for the fun, the shock, the challenges and the eye-opening, mind-blowing, and life-changing moments.

A bit about me. Growing up in Wisconsin meant I was never more than a couple days drive from anywhere in the continental U.S. Since a young age, I have been taking advantage of this launching-off point for road trips and camping adventures across the country. A true Wisconsin gal, I stayed in state to attend university yet dedicated my summers to adventure not only within my state boundaries, but also beyond. Starting as a residential summer camp counselor, I soon was leading students on wilderness expeditions across the U.S. and Canada. It is these collective summers that shaped decisions as I finished school, turning down a job I had studied for in school (the winding path of life) to continue leading expeditions with students and pursuing my reinvigorated passion for solo travel as it took me abroad for the first time. For over a decade now, my response to the question, “Where do you live?” has become “Well, I live nowhere and everywhere.” In my iconic Kate life moments you can find me chasing down the next laugh, the best bowl of fried noodles, a new trail to hike, a new craft to try, a garden to marvel at, a group yoga class to attend, or some hot water to make coffee with.

For me, life is about adventure and the opportunities that are presented by thrusting oneself into the unknown. It brings me incredible joy to work alongside students when chasing adventure. Our combined excitement for the unknown thrills me. I cannot say this enough: I am so pleased that you have chosen to give yourself the gift of participating in this semester, especially in a year+ that has brought so many uninvited, unanticipated challenges. In the constantly fluctuating world of the Covid pandemic, I look forward to rooting down into this experience with you. Though we will need to remain flexible to respond to these ever-changing times, I am confident in the beauty of the journey ahead of us and the opportunity for growth and learning that each step of the adventure will present. I am excited to dance with you in the moments brimming with joy and to grow alongside you (and keep dancing) in the moments saturated with challenge.

I look forward to meeting you soon! Should you have any thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out: [email protected]