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Hello! I’m Josh and I’m from Mill Valley, CA. I’m super excited to spend the next few months with you all! While I’m new to backpacking, I love spending time outdoors. I’m really lucky to have a lot of great hiking close by on the coast of California, and lately I’ve been getting out there and enjoying the views and listening to podcasts. One that I’ve found recently and would recommend is called Reversing Climate Change.

I chose to come on this trip because like many people I’ve gotten really tired of doing school on Zoom. I’m studying environmental studies in college, so I thought what better way than to continue my learning by going on this trip! I’m particularly looking forward to learning about the historical, cultural, and ecological aspects of where we are headed. I’m especially excited to meet the activists, farmers, and organizations doing lots of great work in sustainability and land and water management.

These last few weeks I’ve been practicing pitching my tent in my backyard and checking off items from the packing list as I get more and more excited to fly out to Phoenix. Can’t wait to meet everyone!