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Hi guys!! I’m Ella, and I’m from East Bay, CA. I am getting so excited for the next two months (ahh) and can’t wait to be outdoors with you all. I’ve never been backpacking before, but I have been dying to try for a while so I’m excited for the longer treks. Over the past few years I have been falling in love with hiking and just being outside as much as I can. Recently I’ve been getting into birding (aka birdwatching), which I used to make fun of my mom for but now I actually really enjoy. I’ve also been getting more interested in environmentalism and climate change (I put Reversing Climate Change on my list!), and I’m really excited to learn from all of the people we’ll be meeting about things like land and water sovereignty and hydroelectric power. Like a lot of you guys, Zoom school was really unfulfilling for me as a person who usually really enjoys her education, so I look forward to doing some more hands-on learning.

Other than hiking, I also spend a lot of time on music, singing and playing instruments! I’m thinking of bringing my ukulele, if I can fit it into my pack. I’m also an English major (probably), so I like to read and write. One of the books I’m reading right now is called On Trails by Robert Moor, which I would highly recommend because he does a lot of interesting research and thinking about trails, which we’re about to hike a lot of! Over quarantine I’ve also experimented more with cooking and baking (so original and unique) but I did make the ratatouille from Ratatoullie, the greatest movie ever made, so I’m proud of that one. Intrigued to see what the food on the trail will be like, and can’t wait to meet you all!