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Hello, future comrades!

I’m 18 years old and live in Las Vegas, NV. My most-played Spotify artist of 2020 is Charli XCX, my favorite podcast is Chapo Trap House, my favorite website is, and my favorite video game is Geoguessr.

Growing up in and having traveled throughout the Southwest for my whole life, I’ve already seen a glimpse of the layered, peculiar social and environmental ecology of the region. I’m thrilled that in a few days, I’ll get the opportunity to travel with similarly conscious, adventurous, and excited teammates for a couple of months, appreciating the beauty of natural and cultural delicacies while personally, and as a community, reckoning with the very real trauma the Southwest faces as a real-world vanguard of the dialectics of capitalism, empire, and environmental decay.

Excited to meet you all!

Jacob Birdsong