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Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! My name is Preston and I am from Vail, CO. I originally signed up for one of the international courses, but thanks to Covid that was cancelled. I didn’t want to spend the spring of my gap year doing nothing so I looked around and I found myself really interested in discovering more about the area I live in as well as spending a lot of time outdoors. So, I ended up signing up for this course!

I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time skiing in the Winter and hiking around the valley in the summer. I have a pretty decent amount of experiencing backpacking, camping and all that outdoor stuff so I can’t wait to do some more of that.

I guess a little bit about me: I’m currently taking a gap year and this fall I’ll be a freshie at Dartmouth. I love playing any sort of sport. I ski raced from 5th grade to 12th grade and played soccer, lax and basketball in high school. I am a big fan of the Denver Nuggets and follow basketball as much as I can. My top three songs would probably be Electric Love, Vacation and Another Day in Paradise, and my favorite show is hands down The Office.

I’m really excited for the semester and can’t wait to see all you guys next Monday!