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Hey everyone!

Hey guys! My name’s Caroline and I’m from Long Island, New York, right outside of the city. I have been looking forward to this trip for a while now since college was mostly remote for me this fall (and pretty boring) , and I’m super excited to finally get out there in a couple days and meet you all! I finished the fall semester at the University of wisconsin-madison and I decided to take the spring off and do something more outdoorsy, exciting and involved, and a friend recommended this program to me and it looked amazing.

I love to play any and all sports (especially soccer), working out, hiking, listening to music, and spending time with friends. I also have been trying to get better at skating, but still working on that. I spent some time in South Africa last summer and we hiked two super cool mountains there. I also got the chance to hike and see the beautiful mountains in Colorado for the very first time while visiting my best friend from boarding school this summer, so I am very eager to go back out there! That being said, I have never done any hardcore backpacking or hiked for longer than a couple days, so like some of the others in the group, Im not really a pro backpacker. Either way, I am determined to give it my all and I’m pumped to be able to say we did it at the end

I’m excited to see everyone soon!